Fight for Bella Sticker

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Some of you may remember a few years ago we fundraiser for a precious little girl named Bella.
Bella has always seemed to follow her own path, no matter how many times they’ve been told, there is nothing else they can do for her and they can just treat her symptoms.
3 years later, her beautiful mumma Alison has had to break the news to her once again she has relapsed and to have to see the fear in her eyes, was heartbreaking beyond anything to hear.
There is no doubt they’ve got the toughest fight ahead, but as the Allan family do, they continue to fight.
In many ways offering to make “stickers” just doesn’t feel enough, but I know if we can all come together to help raise funds to lift even the tiniest bit of burden from them, this is exactly what we will do.
We knows it’s a hard time for everyone right now, so if you can’t support them in this way, please prayer for them and share this with others that may be able to.
We will donate $15.00 of each sale directly to the families bank account every week and will continue to do so as long as they need.
To the Allan family, you’re not going to go against this alone, we are all right behind you and we love you.