Welcome to Mumlife Stickers,

My name is Renee, and this is our dream biz! A sticker business with so much more!

A little bit about my background, I am a mum to active little boys, i was working ridiculous hours in the working world, not knowing who i really was or what i was meant to be doing other than being a mum and trying to make a living.

I knew that I wasn’t the only one feeling like this, so stuck in my own mind, anxiety and feeling mega isolated.

I started pouring every bit of love and energy into Mumlife Stickers and start finding ways to help Australian Mum’s at the same time and that’s when my light came to life. I’ve built an epic business and movement, with an epic team that i couldn’t do all of this without.

This literally is our vehicle, that we chose to nurture, to create not only as a “brand”, but a legacy, a movement, a #mumlife movement.

We are able to connect mum’s, holding local meets all over Australia, in every state, creating an online space of support while working with people to advertise their own business with stickers or for the fun of it having our well know novalty hashtag stickers.

So, come join this Mumlife movement I am always raving about and jump into our Mumlife Community group and connect with others just like us or connect with us over on Instagram – @mumlifestickers.

We really don’t have to do this alone and i promise you this whole social media world isn’t as scary as it looks, there’s thousands of good souls on here, we just need to connect us together.